PDX Capital Masterclass

8-week series starting Wednesday, October 3 


PDX Capital Masterclass

 The Capital Masterclass is an eight-week program that will teach you how to raise money for your company.

It offers a powerful learning experience and a proven methodology that has raised tens of millions of dollars for founders all over the US.  It is an entirely unique approach to fundraising designed to work for founders lacking ties into traditional capital networks, “the old boys club”, or lacking experience in the language and landscape of fundraising.  

Classes meet weekly for 90 minutes to work through a structured curriculum designed to equip founders with the technical, tactical and strategic tools needed to prepare for, launch and close a successful capital raise.  

Whether you are considering a capital raise, struggling with a current raise, or simply interested in adding fundraising as a skill to your leadership resume, this class will transform your level of competence and confidence in this critical task.

Classes are held on Wednesday mornings from 8:30am to 10am in SW Portland.  This class will host our first participants digitally from wherever you are.  The cost of the class is $1,750.

APPLY HERE for the class starting on Wednesday, October 3

We will reach out to you to discuss and confirm your participation.